GuyLaine Charles to teach ISDA and NAESB courses in April 2012

ISDA documentation specialist GuyLaine Charles will be in Calgary on April 16-18, 2012 to instruct two courses: Energy Derivatives and the ISDA Documentation and Fundamentals of the NAESB Documentation.

The 2-day ISDA course deals with the Master Agreement (1992 & 2002), the 2005 Commodity Definitions, the Credit Support Annex (the CSA), the Power Annex, and the Gas Annex. Once the fundamentals have been acquired, the class will go through the “Top 10″ negotiated issues under the ISDA Master Agreement and the “Top 5″ issues under each of the CSA and the annexes. The class will be challenged to consider how best to negotiate these issues and to assess the risks they represent to their organizations.
The 1-day NAESB course reviews the NAESB Base Contract for Sale and Purchase of Natural Gas and its Credit Support Addendum as well as the NAESB Canadian Addendum. You will review the elections on the cover page of the Base Contract and the changes most commonly made in the special provisions. The class will also discuss the economic implications of these changes and the basis risk that certain changes may create.

If you are a lawyer, trader, financial analyst, or if your company is active in derivative trading to mitigate risk, these courses are for you. GuyLaine removes the mystery from these complicated documents; the advice you receive from this experienced energy contracts lawyer is simply invaluable. Click here for more information or to register.