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Electricity Fundamentals & Restructuring

Calgary (PTAC) & ONLINE 500 5 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2-day course reviews electricity basics then moves on to industry structure and a hands-on merit-order activity designed to teach how, why, and when electricity is bought & sold. Day 2 explores restructuring efforts to integrate renewables, mitigate pollution, and create market efficiencies. Instructor is a veteran electricity consultant and expert in carbon policy & trading.

ISDA Fundamentals

Calgary (PTAC) & ONLINE 500 5 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1-day course led by Manhattan energy lawyer GuyLaine Charles.  Participans learn fundamentals of using the ISDA documentation to facilitate natural gas derivatives trading.  Case studies and other course activities provide participants with practical experience to supplement and improve their ISDA knowledge. Please visit course webpage for documentation to bring to the class.

Pipelines Fundamentals

Edmonton (C-Fer East) & ONLINE 3712 Roper Rd NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

1-day overview course on the pipeline industry: pipeline construction, operations, tariffs & tolls, storage, economics, policy, regulation, and more.  Led by veteran energy engineer with a career of pipeline experience.