The focus of this course will be on how wind energy is harnessed – the technologies, the economics, the R&D, the potential for further wind development in Canada and abroad.

By the end of the day participants will have a good general grasp of wind energy, essential knowledge for someone new to Wind or someone in a new role. The course is presented by Electricity expert Marcel Chorel, a person with a passion for the industry and an equally keen interest in discovering new ways, such as harnessing the wind, to generate cleaner power.

Key Details

Dates: TBD in 2019
Venue: Calgary | Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
Instructor: Marcel Chorel
Price: $1495 + GST
Early-bird Pricing (Registered a month in advance): $1395 + GST
Course Level: Beginner/Introductory
Catering Included: Yes
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Key Learning Objectives

  • Working knowledge of general trends of wind energy generation in Canada and across the world
  • Understand the generation of wind power with a detailed study of win turbine configurations
  • Review the costs associated with the installation, operation and maintenance of wind mills
      • Understand the importance of wind farms, related technical issues and reliability problems
      • Study management of wind power interruption, mitigation strategies and forecasting models

      Support Materials & Assessment Tools

      Who Should Attend?

      • Entry-level employees new to the energy industrys
      • Middle and Upper Management
      • Business Analysts
      • Financial Planners
      • Auditors
      • Advisors
      • Consumer Mediation Officers
      • Policy Makers and Analysts
      • Barrister and Solicitors

      Testimonials and Course Rating

      “Great course – very informative especially after taking course on electricity. Being a new employee in the power industry really helped my overall understanding.”
      Course was very helpful. Shed light into both technical and economic aspects of wind I was not aware of.
      “I found the course highly informative and there was a tremendous amount of high quality information presented.”
      John Calgary
      “Very nice to have an instructor who can answer any and all questions on the spot and can also add his own experiences to the discussion”
      Jack Calgary



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