Description of this introductory natural gas course

After years of deflated prices and careful cost management throughout the industry, natural gas experienced a recovery in late 2020 that continued for a couple of years.  The rising prices lifted all industry boats, but in 2023 the price drifted downwards again.  You are now in the middle of it all  — a new employee maybe, or a government energy analyst,  or perhaps a recent transfer to the natural gas team. The industry seems endlessly complex and you have a lot of questions.  Where will prices go next?  What factors affect price?  What is the place of natural gas in an increasingly carbon constrained world?  What will be the repercussions from the world’s second-largest gas producer (Russia) engaged in a long, drawn out war?  What about recent war in Israel and Gaza?  How will all of the above affect me & my organization?  Are there other issues to be aware of?  This is where Oak Leaf comes in.  Attending our Natural Gas: Wellhead to Burner-Tip course will bring you up to speed on how the gas industry works, where the industry is headed, and what you and your organization need to look out for.

Two days with our expert instructor will provide you with solid, general knowledge of natural gas — from exploration, to production, to transportation, to end-use, to industry economics to regulation. You will grasp the importance of natural gas as a low-carbon fuel and feedstock, which valuable liquids may be produced with natural gas, and how governments regulate the industry.  You will learn about the technologies used to extract, process, and transport natural gas.  You will also discover what markets exist for natural gas and consider strategies to maximize profitability along the value chain. Finally, you will understand how world geopolitics are likely to affect gas markets in the coming months and years.

Taking the Natural Gas: Wellhead to Burner-Tip course will benefit anyone requiring a nuts & bolts introduction to natural gas or those who would profit from a review of this ever-changing industry.

Reasons to attend the Natural Gas: Wellhead to Burner-Tip course:

  • You are newly employed & need to learn natural gas basics.
  • You have returned to the natural gas industry & want to brush up on your knowledge.
  • You are experienced in other areas, but natural gas is a new aspect of your job.
  • Your function supports the natural gas team, so you require general industry understanding.

What you will learn in the Natural Gas: Wellhead to Burner-Tip course:

  • How natural gas is found, drilled, completed, produced, processed, transported, bought, sold, regulated & used
  • How technology, economics, regulation, environmental concerns, geopolitics & now viruses (biological & computer) can influence the natural gas industry
  • The components that determine natural gas prices & how to find profit opportunities
  • Why global LNG is growing & how this affects the long-established continental industry

Key Details

This course is offered in conjunction with

TBD Q3, 2024
8 a.m. Mountain (10 a.m. Eastern) start both days
Early bird registration deadline: TBD
Calgary & ONLINE
Instructor — Alan Murray
Calgary Venue address:  PTAC
4th floor, 500 5 Ave. SW
Venue: $1795  Venue Early bird: $1695
Online: $1695  Online Early bird: $1595

Course Level: Beginner/Introductory
Personal Development Hours (PDH): 16

Coffee, snacks, lunch & refreshments served both days


Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Natural Gas
  2. Basic Natural Gas Concepts
  3. Measurement of Natural Gas
  4. Natural Gas Resource Base
  5. Resource Dynamics
  6. Industry Overview
  7. Securing Mineral Rights
  8. Exploration
  9. Well Drilling, Completion & Production
  10. Natural Gas Transportation Options — Once Continental, Now Global
  11. Natural Gas Regulation, Markets & Consumption
  12. The Recent Geopolitics of Gas
  13. Review & Conclusions — Will we see a Golden Age of Gas? Are we there already?

Key Learning Objectives in this introductory natural gas course

  • To master key industry terminology
  • To learn about domestic & global natural gas resources, both conventional & unconventional
  • To analyze the industry from A to Z — from acquiring land for exploration to production to transportation to consumption of natural gas
  • To perceive risks & challenges arising from natural gas extraction, processing & delivery
  • To cover the basics of natural gas trade & price management in continental & LNG markets
  • To study how players mitigate risks & maximize profitability
  • To examine & review environmental best practices & recognize new challenges faced by industry from unconventional natural gas extraction
  • To comprehend industry regulation & the government rationales that underlie regulation
  • To consider the role of natural gas as Canada & other nations transition to a net-zero world

Support Materials & Assessment Tools

Who Should Attend?

  • People new to natural gas
  • People working in a specific natural gas area who want the bigger industry picture
  • Natural gas producers
  • Regulators
  • Government agency employees
  • Utility employees
  • Energy marketers
  • Upstream, midstream & downstream energy company employees
  • Investors
  • First Nations, land owners & other stakeholders
  • Consultants
  • Business analysts
  • Financial planners
  • Auditors
  • Consultants
  • Planning advisors
  • Supply chain personnel
  • Policy analysts
  • Regulatory analysts
  • Energy lawyers

Testimonials and Course Rating

“The course was able to provide great detail in a short time frame.  It was also directly related to my job.”
Houston, participant in 2022 Wellhead to Burner-Tip course
“Gave me a much better understanding of how the industry/market works…”
Participant in 2022 Wellhead to Burner-Tip course
“Very well prepared. I wish I had taken this course when I first started in the Oil & Gas Industry.”
Stacey Energy Accountant
“Very well organized & provided a great Natural Gas 101 foundation.”
Sam Junior Administrator



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