“For natural gas, I have heard about the possibility of negative prices.  I also think it could happen” Wang Yusuo, Billionaire Chairman of ENN Energy Holdings. Hong Kong, May 13, 2020

Natural gas prices have been on a downward trajectory for over a decade, but who would have thought even a couple of months ago that they could ever approach zero?  Yet the possibility exists for short-term paper plunges into negative territory because of a Covid-19 virus pandemic that continues to stifle economies worldwide.

It is important in this new, challenging economic environment to equip yourself and your team with the tools and knowledge to perform optimally.  Key to your success will be training and preparation.

Oak Leaf Energy Training has worked with energy companies, governments, and other organizations for over a decade, educating their people on upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. Oak Leaf has been working hard to develop online courses that are relevant in today’s economic context.  Our fully updated Natural Gas Market Fundamentals course is ready to go!

Reasons why you should attend Natural Gas Market Fundamentals:

  • You are new to the industry and need to know how natural gas markets work
  • You are experienced in other areas, but market analysis is a new aspect of your job
  • Your function supports market analysts, so you need to know markets better. Finance, regulation, legal, accounting, HR, administration, managerial and executive support, etc.

Important things you will learn in Natural Gas Market Fundamentals:

  • How markets work, not only in North America, but in the rapidly developing global LNG industry
  • How politics, technology, economics, regulation, and now viruses, can affect natural gas markets
  • Why Alberta natural gas producers have been increasingly shut out of eastern markets
  • Some nuts & bolts of natural gas market analysis like tolls, basis differentials, and risk management
  • How to use powerful tools like regression analysis to assist you in natural gas price prediction
  • Roles the Canadian natural gas industry can play in a future “golden age of gas”

Key Details

Dates: October Oct 19, 21, 22, 23, 2020.
9:00 am – 12:15 pm (Mountain) each day
Instructor: George Eynon
Price: CDN $995 + GST — our lowest course price in years.
Course Level: Intermediate


Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Basic Concepts
  4. Natural Gas in World Energy Trade
  5. Natural Gas Market Fundamentals
  6. Technical Analysis
  7. Fundamental Analysis
  8. Supply Basics
  9. Canadian Exploration
  10. Canadian Production
  11. Transportation Basics
  12. Canadian Natural Gas Pipeline and Transportation Systems
  13. Storage Basics and Canadian Storage
  14. Demand Basics
  15. Canadian Consumption and End Use Markets
  16. Natural Gas / Electricity Convergence
  17. Canadian Regional Markets & Transportation Systems
  18. The Influence of US Supply and Demand
  19. Price Formation & Discovery in Natural Gas Markets
  20. Price Risk Management
  21. Political, Policy & Regulatory Environment for Natural Gas Marketing
  22. Main Contracting Features in Natural Gas Marketing
  23. Natural Gas Marketing Functions
  24. Information Sources
  25. Course Summary and Conclusions

Key Learning Objectives

  • Analyze different kinds of markets, their respective dynamics, and factors that affect prices
  • Understand natural gas markets in North America — Canada, the US, and Mexico — including exploration, production, transportation, and storage of gas
  • Consider demand-side factors — their effect on prices & consumption, and other applications & alternatives
  • Study the influence of the U.S. on the Canadian and Mexican natural gas markets, and how new LNG import/export terminals are changing and promise to change further the North American natural gas context
  • Discuss management of market risks, financial tools for price risk management, and available control measures
  • Explain the transforming landscape of gas markets as a result of previously unaccessible unconventional gas resources such as shale gas

Support Materials & Assessment Tools

Who Should Attend?

  • People new to the energy industry
  • Professionals already working in energy who need a broader understanding of natural gas markets
  • Natural Gas Producers
  • Regulators
  • Government Agencies
  • Utilities
  • Energy Marketers
  • Midstream Energy Companies
  • Investment Firms
  • Consulting Groups

Testimonials and Course Rating

“Very good introductory course for global natural gas markets.”
Scott Business Analyst
“Very good course. Useful content and informative instructor.”
Glenda Director
“The course was very insightful and the instructors knowledge and interesting facts kept the class interesting”
“The course covered a broad range of NG related subjects. I found it quite interesting and the conversations and inputs from various industry participants was insightful.”
Erin Commercial Analyst



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