Electricity Course Description

Flick a switch, and your lights turn on. But so much happens behind the scenes to bring that energy instantly to you. After completing the 2-day Oak Leaf course, Electricity Fundamentals & Restructuring, you will grasp the whys & hows of electricity — gaining fuller understanding of the technologies, systems & markets operating in the background, enabling that flicked switch to deliver light.

Day 1 is about basics, from how electricity functions to ways it may be generated, transmitted, bought, sold, distributed & used.  You learn about recent electricity technological innovation & evolution (including renewables development, advances in small nuclear, amazing battery breakthroughs & more). You also discover how the Smart Grid is transforming electricity storage, transmission, distribution & pricing.  Finally, we discuss evolving policy, such as net-zero implications for electricity.

Day 2 covers electricity industry restructuring, an ongoing global trend.  Alberta’s electricity industry restructured early & now is more of a marketplace than a utility. Other provinces, like Ontario, have restructured differently, according to their needs. We explain why jurisdictions restructure & why restructuring will continue. How does restructuring affect the Canadian public? Your organization?  Your career?  We consider all these questions with you & the other participants.

Electricity industry veteran Chris Best is your guide, bringing 25+ years of experience to the course.  Not only does Chris present electricity basics, but because he has been working at the cutting edge of the industry—dealing with emissions mitigation & renewable energy technologies—he also explains the vital role electricity plays in our increasingly carbon constrained world.

A few good reasons for attending this electricity course:

  • To learn how electricity affects your organization & your role
  • To fill electricity knowledge gaps
  • To ask real-time questions of the instructor, Chris Best, an approachable electricity expert
  • To grasp how generation, transmission & distribution provide electricity effectively to consumers
  • To understand electricity transactions & markets: the many ways to buy, sell & profit from electricity
  • To discover the latest technical innovations in electricity & the purposes they serve
  • To consider electricity’s future technical promise & possible restructuring pathways

Some important questions the electricity course answers:

  • The basics: what is electricity & how does it behave?
  • The essentials: how do generation, transmission & distribution interact to power society?
  • The evolution: in this century, many jurisdictions have shifted from coal-fired electricity generation to other forms. What are these forms? How are things working out?
  • The economics: how can money be made from electricity in the 2020’s? (Hint: read next 4 points!)
  • The policies: how has policy & regulation changed in Canada? What do policy trends look like?
  • The environment: how can a greater role for electricity in the energy mix reduce carbon emissions?
  • The technologies: Batteries, smart metering, CCS, renewables, small nuclear, hydrogen & other developing technologies — what will they do for Canadians, not to mention the rest of the world?
  • The future: will electricity evolution become revolution?  What may hold it back or push it forward?

Key Details

This course is offered in conjunction with

TBA Q2 2024
8 a.m. Mountain (10 a.m. Eastern) start
Early bird registration deadline: TBA
Calgary & ONLINE
Instructor — Chris Best
Calgary Venue address:  PTAC
4th floor, 500 5 Ave. SW
Venue: $1795  Venue Early bird: $1695
Online: $1695  Online Early bird: $1595

Course Level: Beginner/Introductory
Personal Development Hours (PDH): 16

Coffee, snacks, lunch & refreshments served both days



Electricity Fundamentals & Restructuring + Renewable Energy Fundamentals
TBA (Electricity); TBA (Renewables)
Early bird registration deadline: TBA
Calgary & ONLINE
Instructor — Chris Best
Calgary Venue address:  PTAC
4th floor, 500 5 Ave. SW
Venue: $3195  Venue Early bird: $2995
Online: $2995  Online Early bird: $2795


Electricity Course Outline

Electricity Fundamentals
  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Concepts
  3. Electricity Industry Overview
  4. Generation
  5. Transmission
  6. Distribution
  7. System Operations
  8. Pricing & Rates
  9. Regulation & Ownership
  10. Electricity & the Environment
  11. Wind Energy & Other Options for the Energy Mix
Electricity Restructuring
  1. Introduction
  2. Industry Restructuring in Canada & abroad
  3. Wholesale Market Operation
  4. Retail Market Operation
  5. Capacity Market Operation
  6. The Burgeoning Smart Grid
  7. Alberta Wholesale Market
  8. Alberta Market Governance
  9. Ontario Power Market
  10. US Market Example
  11. Conclusions

Electricity Course Support Materials & Assessment

Who Should Attend the Electricity Course?

  • Newcomers to the Electricity industry
  • People already working in Electricity looking for more comprehensive understanding of their field
  • First Nations considering entry to electricity markets & renewables projects on their traditional lands
  • Power producers, transmission entities, distributors
  • Regulators
  • Government agencies
  • Utilities
  • Energy marketers
  • Investment firms
  • Consulting groups
  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Analysts & Planners
  • Advisors
  • Consumer Mediation Officers
  • Policy Analysts
  • Auditors
  • Energy Lawyers
  • Other course attendee positions

Electricity Course Testimonials

“Felt the course met my objective of gaining knowledge, exposure and understanding of the electricity industry.”
Steven Supervisor, Oil Accounting
“The course was perfect in teaching me the fundamentals + restructuring of Electricity. I now have a clearer view of what we do as an organization working in the electricity world.”
Lynn Senior Executive Assistant
“I like how Oak Leaf courses are presented, and feel that the information I gain is very helpful for my role. I think that any course offered by Oak Leaf would be valuable for a person to take if it relates to their duties or job position.”
“Very nice to have an instructor who can answer any and all questions on the spot and can also add his own experiences to the discussion”
Jack Coordinator of Energy Accounting



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