3 Streams: Hydrocarbons Essentials offers essential knowledge about the North American oil and gas sector, covering upstream, midstream, and downstream activities. Over five days, you will learn about the activities occurring all along the Oil & Gas value chain: land acquisition, exploration, drilling, production, transportation, storage, refining, end-use, policy, and regulation. Each course day will be led by an expert in the area.

There will be activities, video clips, group case studies, and brief knowledge assessments throughout the course. Participants should bring laptops for Excel modelling exercises (all models developed and provided by Oak Leaf). Each participant will receive an information-filled course binder.

Field Trips:

There will be two field trips during the course to facilities located across the street from the course venue:

  • University of Calgary Simulation & Visualization Centre for reservoir analysis using cutting-edge 3D seismic visualization technology
  • Government of Alberta Core Research Centre for a tour of the facility and to learn how drilling core samples can provide insight into the presence of hydrocarbons in a reservoir

Key Details

Dates: TBA — Spring/Summer 2020 (five days)
(contact us to hold an in-house course)
Alberta Innovates Building
Instructor: TBA
Price: CDN$4495 + GST
Early-bird Pricing (Registered a month in advance): CDN$4245 + GST
Course Level: Intermediate
Catering Included

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Measurement & Conversions
  4. Resources & Reserves
  5. Resource Ownership
  6. Oil & Gas Agreements
  7. Oil & Gas Exploration
  8. Oil Drilling & Production
  9. Natural Gas Drilling & Production
  10. Oil Transportation
  11. Gas Transportation
  12. Hydrocarbons Storage
  13. Liquefied Natural Gas
  14. Gas-To-Liquids
  15. Oil, Gas, & NGL Markets
  16. Refining
  17. Petroleum Products
  18. The Downstream Sector & the Public
  19. Regulation in all three streams
  20. Market Fundamentals, Economics, and Prices — future directions

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand important terms & concepts
  • Gain broad knowledge of all aspects of oil & gas across all sectors including: upstream, midstream, and refining
  • learn how regulation affects the industry in all three streams
  • Consider industry economics, where oil & gas prices are headed and why
  • Grasp how the larger industry affects you in your specific work context

Support Materials & Assessment Tools

Who Should Attend?

  • People already involved in oil & gas looking for more comprehensive knowledge — i.e “the bigger picture”
  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Planners
  • Advisors
  • Policy Analysts
  • Energy lawyers
  • Engineers, geologists, and other technical specialists

Testimonials and Course Rating

“As expected, the course was exactly as I needed for my job. I learned a lot. I was able to make a lot of connections in things I’ve learned over the years”
Valerie Community Relations Advisor
“I really enjoyed Alan’s extensive knowledge base”
Krysten Business Development (Petrochemicals)
“Very nice to have an instructor who can answer any and all questions on the spot and can also add his own experiences to the discussion”
Jack Calgary