Pipeline Fundamentals

  • “The intructor is extremely knowledgeable. Answered all questions properly with background evidence. This is a great fundamental course that touched on all the basics that one would need to know. I really enjoyed the course and will take Oak leaf courses again!” – Monica, Calgary 2015
  • “I found the course very informative and useful information was obtained that will help in my daily activities. Instructor was knowledgeable and presented information in a way to facilitate understanding.” – In-House Course Participant
  • ” Very informative and the instructor was able to relate the information in easy to understand examples. (analogies.)” – In-House Course Participant
  • “Very well done and very comprehensive. Learned a lot. Probably one of the better courses I have taken.” – Class Participant
  • “Very interesting material and comprehensive coverage. A great course!” – Class Participant
  • Oil Sands

  • “For the first time, I think I’ve got a good understanding of the issues the industry is facing and how it has affected our budget so much.” – In-house course participant
  • “This course was packed with information and was a good use of my time. I now understand many basic elements of the industry.” – Edmonton participant
  • “Discussion on crude/gasoline prices was fascinating.  Instructor was knowledgeable.” – Calgary participant
  • “I found the course highly informative and there was a tremendous amount of high quality information presented.” – John, Calgary
  • “Good course overall. Enjoyed learning about the technical aspects of the upgrading process.” – Calgary participant
  • “Considering the short length of the course, I felt it was quite thorough and gave a comprehensive overview of the industry. Quite helpful.” – Calgary participant
  • “Very good. Will recommend to colleagues.” – Kevin, Ottawa
  • “Excellent! The instructor went at a good pace and was very knowledgeable!” – Edmonton participant

Upstream Oil & Gas

  • “Excellent course! Fast-paced and full of pertinent and useful information. I would look forward to taking another Oak Leaf course in the future.” – Calgary participant
  • “Very good discussion format. Covered a good industry-wide scope.” – Jen, Calgary
  • “Good cross section of oil and gas and depth of information. Appreciated real story experiences.” – In-house course participant
  • “Amazing service… very professional right from the start. e.g. registration right through to catering for the class” – Calgary participant
  • “…knowledge of Upstream Oil & Gas operations will help me understand people and subject I work with on a daily basis.” – Bruce, Edmonton
  • “Great general overview of industry. Good job mentioning emerging practices/technologies (oil sands/shale gas).” – Calgary participant
  • “A lot of very good information covering all topics. Very knowledgeable instructor – best part of course. It was great learning the background information, I’m well versed on the finance side and now I have the operational understanding too” – Calgary participant
  • “Very nice to have an instructor who can answer any and all questions on the spot and can also add his own experiences to the discussion” – Jack, Calgary

Natural Gas: Wellhead to Burner-Tip

  • “Very well organized and promotes a great natural gas 101 foundation”- Kelly, Calgary
    • “Great course – employees should definitely take it – highly suggested in the first couple of years of employment.” – In-house course participant
    • “It was a very useful course that had lots of information but at a level that was easy enough to understand for people without previous knowledge of the gas industry.” – Bonnie, in-house course participant
    • “I enjoyed the course very much. I certainly increased my knowledge in midstream and transportation.” – In-house course participant
    • “Very useful, particularly for historical content of current industry condition” – Calgary participant
    • “Very knowledgeable instructor. Great enthusiasm for subject matter.” – Shirley, Calgary
    • “The instructor was excellent. Highly recommend this course.” – Katherine, Calgary
    • “Good overall picture of technical and market challenges & issues.” – Loren, Victoria
    • “Fabulous instructor! Excellent group activities. Amazing service… very professional right from the start.” – Calgary participant

    Electricity Fundamentals & Restructuring

    • “Felt the course met my objective of gaining knowledge, exposure and understanding of the electricity industry.” – Steven, Calgary
    • “Informative! Interesting! In particular – marketing function and the players bid process.” – Cindy, In-house course participant
    • “Well prepared, good discussion on questions. Good perspective on Alberta vs. Ontario markets.” – Matthew, in-house course participant
    • “High level of appreciation for knowledge, communication and personability. Very interesting subject and excellent instructor with keen sense of involvement. Thank you.” – Sheila, in-house course participant
    • “The course was great. It provided me with the context I needed to engage the electricity folks in my company.” – Calgary participant
    • “Liked presenter – did a very good job. Provided a strong overview of relevant topics.” – Lyle, Regina
    • “Very good – I really liked starting at the basics – it enhanced my understanding on the other issues.” – Delaine, Regina
    • “I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others (The food was amazing).” – Edmonton participant

    Wind Energy  Fundamentals

    • “Great course – very informative, especially after taking a course on electricity. Being a new employee in the power industry, it really helped my overall understanding.” – Calgary participant
    • “Course was very helpful. Shed light into both technical and economic aspects of wind I was not aware of.” – Calgary participant
    • “Good general overview of wind power.” – Peter, Calgary
    • “Excellent instructor.  Very good facility, lunch and snacks, etc…  Well done and I would recommend.”  – Brian, Calgary
    • “Overall balance is very good… good overview”  – Dwayne, Calgary
    • “Very well presented/ excellent information.  Great explanation of kinetic energy… I enjoyed all information provided.”  – Kevin, Calgary


    • “Ann does a great job of making complicated documents understandable. Tough to get through in two days but can be done” – Kari, Calgary
    • “An amazing level of knowledge”. – Thomas, Calgary
    • “Excellent. Instructor is a leading expert in the field. Other comment: Support of Jon re: catering etc. excellent above and beyond!” – Marilyn, Calgary


    • “All seemed relevant – the Olympics at the end was fun and going through the special provisions was really helpful.” – Calgary participant
    • “Excellent course and very informative. Got a lot of knowledge and will get further guidance in my negotiations by having the ability to refer to the booklet provided.” – Calgary participant
    • “The presentation was very good and the instructor was very helpful to clarify questions.” – Calgary participant

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