Canada-Alberta Job Grant

Canada Job Grant

Save on Oak Leaf Energy Courses with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is an employer-driven training program. Employers work with a third-party training provider to deliver formal training to employees.

Canada-based classroom, online, and in-house Oak Leaf courses qualify for the CAJG, which pays 2/3 of tuition fees up to $10,000 per individual or $300,000 per organization.   Employers hiring previously unemployed people receive up to 100% of course costs to a maximum of $15,000 per trainee. That means free!  Trainees must participate in 21 hours or more of training within a 52-week span upon approval of the grant.

For example, Oak Leaf’s 2-day course Natural Gas From Wellhead to Burner-Tip provides 16 Personal Development Hours.  Our 1-day course Pipeline Fundamentals provides 8 PDH’s.  Taking both courses fulfills the CAJG 21-hour minimum training requirement.  You, as an employer, pay $967 for an employee’s 24 hours of world-class training at Oak Leaf, a savings of $1,963 from the full price of $2,930!!  And, of course, you pay nothing at all to send previously unemployed people to these Oak Leaf courses. 

How do your new employees benefit from Oak Leaf’s introductory natural gas and pipelines courses (or any of our other courses)?  They receive training from industry experts and learn fundamental aspects of North American oil & gas.  Case studies, film clips, group activities, Q & A, and hands-on economic models introduce students to technologies, measurement, resource dynamics, E & P processes, transportation, storage, policy, regulation, market dynamics, industry economics, and more. Your employees return to the office with full-colour materials packages including up-to-date graphs, charts, photographs, diagrams, and maps, not to mention specific, detailed notes on important subjects.  Three days of Oak Leaf training prepares and readies your employees to apply their new knowledge at work.

Oak Leaf can also collaborate with clients to develop useful, specific CAJG-eligible programs relevant to their employees’ needs.  For in-house courses, we deliver at times and locations most suitable to you.

See the following site for more information: Canada-Alberta Job Grant

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