Risk Management for the Energy Industry

energy risk management

Key Facts

CPE Credits: 8



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$1695 + GST for 2-day Financial Literacy & Risk Management

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Overview and Description

The focus of the one-day Risk Management for the Energy Industry course is to understand energy risk management; the risks inherent in energy industry business practices and to develop means to deal with risk. Your instructor — energy industry veteran Steve Yallouz — will lead the group through various qualitative and quantitative methods to manage risk.

I. Introduction. Risk — it’s a fact of life

  1. Dealing with business uncertainty
  2. Being aware of business unpredictability
  3. Definitions of Risk Management

II. Why Practice Risk Management?

  1. Managing uncertainty
  2. Regulatory requirements
  3. Protecting shareholder value

III. Steps to Risk Management

  1. Identifying/knowing the risks
  2. Estimating the risks
  3. Controlling the risks
  4. Taking action
  5. Risk Application

IV. Energy Industry Risk Applications

  1. Key trends, issues, and drivers
  2. Developing a risk framework — recognizing your company’s value chain
  3. Moving forward; adopting risk into strategy

At the end of this comprehensive one-day course, participants will be familiar with the risks their company faces, understand various ways to deal with risk, and be aware of how to incorporate risk into corporate strategy.

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